My listing id still blocked for over 4 months and no response or call from customer service.

I completed my ad in April 2022. 100% including photos and location and calendar.

No pending activity on the dashboard. Since then, despite having sent many messages and made many customer support calls, they have never given me any answers and my listing is blocked for no reason.

I filed an official complaint over 10 days ago and no one has answered or contacted me.

I have never received a call from booking since April. 

I have sent over 20 messages and made as many customer service calls without ever getting a serious and clear answer.

Can someone help me or do I need to contact a lawyer? I have dozens and dozens of messages sent to booking, practically ignored. My lawyer said that there are all the deadlines to start a legal action asking not only the economic but also the moral damages given the deceptive behavior of the customer service. Before taking drastic actions, can someone from the community help me?

BrookAve 1 year ago

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