I am restarting this thread as Booking.com have ended the previous one !! -I wonder why

There were so many comments on the previous thread that it is obiviously important to partners to have it

So if you have had a bad experience of have a comment about the support or lack of support put it on here

Every time I talk to a guest about Reviews thaeycannot believe Booking.com allows guests to leave anonymous reviews and they cannot believe a guest can write a review and chose not to let us reply

They also could not believe that if a partner proves a guest has lied the review does not get removed

What do you think ??????

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Donna Luxford 4 years ago

Hi monet208 . I haven't had it happen to myself, yet, but I dont beleive it is very professional to allow anonymous reviews or to not be allowed to reply back. I dont beleive this is allowed on other platforms but I could be wrong. Someone could have an issue with you personally and have never have stayed and yet be allowed to review you? What part of that makes it ok or professional? Also to not allow the right of reply is crazy also. Even in a court of law you get to defend yourself! I guess when we put our properties on here, there was probably something that said you agree to this? I cant remember. If I had any issues, (haven't yet) I would leave this platform as so far I have only had a couple of bookings from here. I get 99% of my bookings from elsewhere. Somewhere that doesn't allow anonymous reviews and also allows you to reply to guests. I would've thought it would've made Booking.com more reputable if they had a more professional approach to this. People will just get angry, especially when it is all lies and you can even prove it was, and they will just leave. I run two businesses and in my books this is not good business practice.

Leonia Nkuruh 11 months ago

Hello Donna,


Please please share the other places where you get the bookings from, I would love to register my property there.  Thank you.  My e-mail: lnkuruh@gmail.com


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Tuppenny 4 years ago

Hi Donna,

I'm joining the conversation a little late, but have battled this problem for the past two years. I totally agree and sympathise with Monet. I know several partners and suspect there are many others fed up with the apparent lack of concern from B.com.