Nevada law changed for short term rentals

The new law effective about the beginning of December no longer allows short term rentals. The fines are steep and enforcement is posing as renters to fine the owners. 80k k 100k are the most recent fines. Yes, $80,000 $1000.000.
You can do short term rentals as ling as they are 31 days or more in some areas such as the county. In the City if Las Vegas you can only rent short term if you live in the property as your primary residence and have no more than 3 bedrooms. So only 2 can be rented. Property has to be in your name and not an LLC or trusts.
You also must now have a vacation rental permit. Will not be inside if not allowed in your area such as Henderson won’t allow short term rentals at all. You can google this info

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M Adamopoulou 5 years ago

Hi! Vegasdoma and welcome to the forum Very useful information. Thanks for your input. Law changed also for short term rental in Greece. Vacation rental permit is also requested. Greek residents must give their ID no. together with their VAT no.