New review rating system

I find that the new rating system for reviews is much worse that the previous version.

It seems very easy for the overall rating to drop (say if I get an 8) but very hard to go back up again.
When I get a 10 nothing changes, but as soon as I receive an 8, (which is low for us ) we immediately drop a point in our overall rating.
The last couple gave us an 8 even though they rated 10's for everything except one 7.5 for location whereas 
The previous couple gave us the same - all 10's except for facilities 7.5 but their overall rating was 10 ?!!

 It is very disheartening.

What is the opinion of other hosts?

Ilse Garden Chair 3 years ago

So if it has not been positively received will they revert it?
I have not had good experiences with Booking.com either as a traveller or a host.
Customer Service is appalling but perhaps it is just the French office as the French have no concept of customer service whatsoever!

BrookAve 3 years ago



At this point I see it as being extremely unlikely.


Of course thats not to say in another 6-12 months they decided to revamp it again.


Yes different team locations and culture tend to be different, in general when it comes to remote support.


Kind Regards