New score system

Has anyone had any reviews and scores with the new scoreing system? 

Booking.com posted a few weeks ago that they were changing the scoreing system to a 10 point sliding scale but I still have not seen it in operation. What's the delay ?

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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

There is a separate discussion about the new reviews system .... I'm still getting review scores using the old system .... I reported it in that discussion, where one of the community managers said they'll report it to the relevant teams and that the roll out of the new system will be gradual so we'll keep getting old style reviews for now ....

Tinka Milolaza 4 years ago

I am greatly disappointed and surprised with the latest booking.com guest review changes.

According to the new system the guest reviews all categories separately and at the end gives an overall rating from 1-10. 

We had a guest that rated 5 categories 10 and gave a 7.5 for value for money (he was staying only one night, the first and last time we will do this).

So a simple calculation is 5X10=50 and 7.5 equals 57.5 devided by 6 categories = 9.58 (9.6), yet the guest gave a final overall rating of 9 !


HOW can a guest be allowed to give a final score that is lower than the ratings he gave for all categories? So he can also give an overall rating of 2 even though he rated all categories 10 in the questionnaire?

WHO at booking.com came with such a "brilliant' idea? I would really like to have a word with him/her.

It would make sense only if the guest was allowed to give a final overall rating that is HIGHER than the rating calculated according to his answers on the questionnaire, but NOT lower.

I am surprised day after day with the lack of interest by booking.com and their support team who clearly are not interested to have satisfied hosts.

Why can we not review the guests?

Why do you propose big discounts for guests, yet booking.com does not lower their 15% commission at the same time?


The guest involved was satisfied overall because he gave everything a 10 but found the value for money 7.5.

To explain further, our apartments are big with a private jacuzzi  and the minimum stay is limited to 3 days. Only for this one time we allowed a 1 day and the price was slightly higher because of the cleaning costs.

Despite of this, the guest arrived early and was given opportunity to park for free, received welcome drinks for free, had a fridge in the apartment filled with a bottle of wine, beer, milk, mineral water, coffee, sugar, salt, oil etc etc. We also gave the guest a tour of the village for free to make it easier for him and his family to find their way around.

The next morning the guest had stomach issues and decided to stay on our terrace (in the middle of a family lunch), was offered food, drinks, tea until he was fit enough to continue his travel.

All of this was done and offered to the guest with a big smile and love.

And after all of this he finds the value for money 7.5? People keep surprising me sometimes.

The price was clearly stated on the booking.com site and all around us there are apartments that offer a room for 5X less money.


I hope the rating system will be looked into AGAIN because this does not make sense.

Steve and Clai… 3 years ago

The new review system is really frustrating.  We have gone from very consistant review scores to totally erratic scoring.  I have no faith in the reviews left now! Please change it back.  It wasn't ideal but it was a lot better than the new one!

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J M 3 years ago

I could not agree more with what you are saying. Basic math just does not enter this new formula.  

Eddy 3 years ago

So booking.com all you need to do is tweek the new system. Don't let guests give an overall score as they have no idea how to calculate it. You work it out from the other scores they leave. This will result in a mix of the old system and the new but be far more precise.

It's not rocket science guys

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Tropical Oasis… 3 years ago

URGENT By allowing the guest to give an overall score many guests forget this is a review of the accommodations in comparison to others. 

   This overall score allows a bias overall personal experience of their stay. We as hosts need the facts we have under our control, not a score on a guest overall personal experience, which includes things out of our control i.e. the weather and especially the personal interactions of the guests.(they may hate each other).

Eddy 3 years ago

I've discovered today that the new scoring system is active now for all properties world wide.

Guess what though: The 6 individual categories (Location, Cleanliness, Comfort, Value, Facilities, and Staff) still have the same 4 faces for guests to score with and it's only the overall score, that guests now give themselves, that has the sliding scale from 1 to 10.

Wow I really thought booking.com team was smarter than this. How the hell can a guest give an accurate overall score for a property when he can only vote for each of the 6 categories as 2,5, 5, 7,5 or 10 ?

Come on booking.com, as I've said before this is not rocket science if you want to give guests freedom of giving their own overall score using a scale of 1 to 10 then you have to give them a sliding scale scoring system for each of the 6 categories as well. 

I really think you guys need to employ more hoteliers in your company....just a suggestion

Teona Kapanadze 3 years ago

This new scoring system should be changed immediately!! 
guest gave me final score 2, while in all categories she gave me 10 and 7.5.. it is not acceptable scoring system 

Cherry Hunt 3 years ago

I think overall booking.com is getting worse and worse. Crazy review system, computer glitches. servers always cutting out, even worse customer service, late invoices with no explanations, the new extranet reservations system is overly complex and doesn't seem to work properly. Could go on and on. There lack of interest is shown that I guess no one from booking.com has even read this thread as there are no comments from their team.

The Tides 3801 2 years ago

I am also totally disappointed with the new Booking review system. A guest gave us 10 in all categories and as a final score an 8. This is incongruous..