No email fir booking

Today someone made a booking .im not happy I did not receive a email to say I had a booking ....can you tell me why?


i always receive notifications 

i did receive notification on my pulse app ...but on my phone I’m unable to download load latest app...so therefore unless I’m at home on my iPad ...I would not have know anything about this booking ..could you please notify all bookings by email like the other companies 

thank you 



BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Colin,


Notifications are on by default.

And working fine, for others, so it is more likely an issue with you receiving the inbound messages, such as but not limited to junk /spam email folder. intermittent connection etc.


Even the fact you mentioned issue downloading latest pulse app version would indicate to me their is an issue with the phone.


how long has this been happening for?  reach out to BdC support

Kind Regards

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