No hotels available

Please help! We’ve had our hotel on Booking.com for around 10 years. Normally when you search for our next nearest town (7 miles away) it would show all the hotels in the town and then the hotels the next closest by proximity. Our hotel 7 miles away would show up, and after us hotels would show up from further away than that. We also used to show up in listings for another close town 10 miles away. Now we are no longer showing up in these listings at all. We only show up now if you search for our specific village. This is causing us to lose vast numbers of bookings this year. Now if you search the next nearest town 7 miles away, not only do we not show up but when the hotels in that town are full instead of showing the next nearest hotels it just says ‘no hotels are available’

Has there been some kind of change on the site? We have lost a lot of bookings and money because of this. When did this start to happen? We are already in the paid partner programme to get higher search results and have been for many years but recently we are not showing up in our close by towns. This is really damaging for us in a rural community in Wales which is predominantly small villages rather than large towns. Does anyone know when or why this has happened? Thanks