no show poor review

I recently had a couple who turned up very laate and refused to even get out of their car to see the room. The next day I was confronted by a 1 star review stating I would not let them in, which is untrue. I feel it is very unfair that booking.com won't remove their review despite the fact they marked facilities and bed confort etc. Very poor customer service by booking.com not supporting the host.

boomerangblack… 1 year ago

I'd just write a reply to there review most guests realise that some people are liars state what happened and that you wish theyd actually asked for a cancellation you may have been able to refund but the fact they didnt get out the car. I usually pre empt the bad reviews, today i had a guest who complained his door was open. (the only way this could be with no harm to the lock is hed left it open) he didnt like this and I expect a bad review ffs what can u do? we have to suck it up unfortunately but i'm not gonna check guests have shut there door best is nothing was missing the only person anywhere near there room is my son who saw it open but assumed they were in room and maybe too hot as weve been blasting the heating. Arrrrrr