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Someone should come up with a solution on how to manage guest who book but don't show up. I think they specifically book for the purpose of filling up forms concerning their travel itinerary.

This is truly disappointing because the calendar dates are blocked when such a reservationiis made yet the guest won't turn up. Hence blocking potential guests who actually want accommodation. 

BrookAve 3 years ago


Honestly if you have Payments by Booking.com or a prepay rate setup this should not matter you still get paid.


Payments by Booking.com  partners get sometimes random booking upgrades called Risk Free, where the guest cancels and you still get paid if BdC cant find some one for all the nights as a replacement guest.


See solutions above.


as for no shows, once it hits 01 am ,after midnight on check in date, simply mark the booking as a no-show, your policy setup on extranet then kicks in 


so make sure you have it set strictly , 100% due etc... non refundable, etc.


Of course once you mark the no show, you are then able to resell it if it is not a Risk Free booking. If it is marked Risk Free do not try to fill it yourself for the same dates, as that could lead to overbooking.


I think Risk Free frees the room on the check in day by 2pm , 14:00. at that point you can .


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Colleen Accoun… 3 years ago


Hi Garden view apartment,


My name is Colleen and I am an Account Advisor here at Booking.com. Thanks for your post! Its a great question that I get asked a lot.


We have a few tools in your extranet which you could take a look at to better understand and manage your no show issue. Firstly it is important to keep track of no-shows and cancellations properly. Here is a step by step guide on how to mark no shows/cancellations in the Extranet. 


If marked correctly you can then monitor the data using the Cancellation Characteristics Report.  This will give you an overview on your cancellations, no shows, when they occur and how you compare with your competitors. 


Once you understand the patterns here are a few steps you can take to prevent no shows as well as cancellations from happening - 


  • Manage your cancellation policies by specifying whether you are offering free cancellations and in what time-frame as well as taking a prepayment to secure the booking
  • Adding a non-refundable rate can reduce cancellations, secure guaranteed payment and appeal to more guests.
  • Offer trusted online payment options such as PayPal. Not only does this reduce cancellations but you will secure your revenue at the time of booking.
  • Offer compelling prices - Guests might cancel if they find a comparable room for a better price elsewhere, or the same room for a cheaper price listed on a different website. Check out your Price Quality Score to keep track of how your prices are displayed on other channels.


There also may be the option of "Payments by Booking.com" where Booking.com facilitate the payments for you and you will receive payments via Bank Transfer. This however is not yet available everywhere. You will need to contact your local team for more information. 

I hope this has helped. Please comment again if you need any further information and I will do my best to assist. Alternatively, you can reach out to your local team through your Booking.com Extranet Inbox



Warm regards, 


Colleen G.

Account Advisor