none payment by BDC for no show guests

A guest booked a reservation with our B&B for a 2 night stay they arrived only to tell us there sons dog had been taken ill and they had to go home to support there son and so would have to cancel the 2 nights that they booked we explained that they should cancel with BDC and that are policy is none refundable for cancellations .

The next day a BDC agent rang us and asked if we could offer a refund and told us there had been a death in the guest`s family (not what the guest told us) however I explained that we were not prepared to over a refund as our policy states. We then  noticed that on our invoice we have only received a payment for the 1 night even though there was a no show/cancellation  for 2 nights but  when when I phoned BDC about this they told me that the agent who rang me asking me to refund the guests fees had modified the booking to 1 night   however we never agreed to any modification  so the agent took it upon himself to make the modification without informing us ,and He states that we agreed  to the modification and stated that when He rang He spoke to a Mr Corona which is nonsense as  are name is Osborne why would we say are name is Corona I have now been told that we will only be payed for the one night and was told the guests had asked for a modification before the date of there  arrival, but how could this be if the guest only told us they had to cancel on the actual evening of there arrival which would have been to late anyway for BCM to re advertise for a replacement booking.

It seems to us that the agent has  fabricated this story  in order to avoid the fact that He acted negligently , we are running a business and rely on earnings in some cases just to cover are bills in particular this year during the virus, it appears that BDC or at least one of there agents is more concerned about keeping the guest happy although we as partners are the ones who pay the the 17% for a service that is not satisfactory.

Shaun & Eleanor Osborne  Riverside B&B  Ironbridge ,England




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