is normal wait around 3 month for a change of a listing property?

Hello partners, 

im waiting for a change of a listing, normally i know that we have to wait around a month, but the sittuation now is not normal, and im continue without any response, im a little tired with that, because around 3 month ago i start the process for the change, and now im continue waiting and lossing money because the booking of the summer are starting, and i cant receive any booking because the listing is closed yet. 

Anyone can help me please? 

i would be so gratefull because i need to sell and my owner is starting to getting angry with me and is not my fault, he cant understand 3 month waiting, and i think this sittuation is not normal.

Please i need a solution for accelarate the process

BrookAve 2 years ago


This is very confusing and unclear. 

Are you talking about transferring ownership of a property?


There already is a process, and it sounds like it's already in motion. 





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