So, my company has been working with booking.com for three years. I have had altogether about 14 properties. I have brought a lot of money for booking.com. 

I have experienced an incredible amount of problems with booking.com's platform which i find to be incredibly confusing and difficult to use. I have seen it change over the years, yet still, it is very poorly organized and dysfunctional in my opinion. I also use airbnb which is rarely problematic. I might have one problem with airbnb for ever 30 or 40 problems with booking. 

Now I will explain my new problem. I opened a new listing. When i opened the previous listing i was allowed to select to be on the payments by booking program or not. This time i was not offered this choice. Because i have seen so many changes and inconsistences with the BDC platform, i just figured it was another instance of idiocy. So i carried on with creating my listing and i started gettting bookings. BUT, when i went to view the credit card details, the button to view them said, "You are not allowed to view the credit card details". 

So i looked in my finance section which says I receive my payouts from BDC to such and such a bank account (my company bank account). BUT, there was no place where it said that i am on the "PAYMENTS BY BOOKING" program. So naturally, i am confused by these conflicting messages and i start to message BDC about this strange situation. I get no reply to the first message. To the second message, my subject is not replied to. Instead i get a strange reply that says I am on the virtual card program. 

I send a second message and they tell me I am on the credit card program (i have to collect the numbers myself). BUT, still I am unable to view the card details. So i figure there is a mistake and they are actually collecting my money for me and will sent it to my bank account, which is what is said in finance section. BUT, knowing how amazingly confusing and dysfuctional BDC is, i continue to message them in hopes of receiving exact clarification on this issue. 

WEEKS GO BY! Many guests come and go without me collecting money from them. I have sent 5 messages to BDC on this issue, still no reply! Finally I call them when i see a freaking invoice in my finance section saying i owe month for bookings. NOW I AM UPSET. I want a god damn answer. I talk to three or four, five people maybe. The first four tell me i am on the PAYOUTS BY BOOKING program. I press them to give me a *** message in my inbox that proves i am on this program. Then i talk to a fifth person who with great intelligence and confidence, tells me I am no on the program because i selected the virtual card option. She also tells me that it was my job to collect money from these guests personally despite not being "allowed" to view the credit card details. 

She explains to me, like I am an idiot who has no clue, that when there is a new property, there is a screening process for the first few weeks. In these first few weeks the owner must collect money himself. WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THAT I NEEDED TO COLLECT MONEY FROM MY FIRST GUESTS! She says,  you should know this. I say, BUT I sent you 5 messages and you never told me this. She says, go to hell you (she did not say go to hell but basically she said it's your problem and we don't care).  

So, BDC refuses to accept responsibility for this mistake! What am I supposed to tell my client whose home we spent 6 months on to prepare for short term leases? do you think he is going to believe that a monster company like PRICELINE cannot build a fair and normally efficient system? do you think he is going to believe it is not my fault? i also disputed the commission fees for my invoice for the first month and and my disputes were immediately rejected without investigation! 

I am considering a lawsuit to get this company to wake up, treat their partners fairly, and fix their broken platform. BUT, i do not want to get kicked off their site which is very important to my business. if there were not fear of getting kicked off the platform i would definitely sue.




Athenavaca1 5 years ago

btw, as of yesterday i had 22 bookings that had not been paid for. now i have a nightmare trying to collect from these people, 90% of which do not live in my country. Also, booking does not allow you to message people after their stay has ended. Also, does not allow you to view their phone numbers after a few days after they check out! The entire situation just makes me not even want to be in this business anymore. BDC is the worst company i have ever been involved with. The second worst being the greek electricity company. It's shocking how unfair and dysfunctional BDC is. I try to be honest with myself and I truly do not see how these problems are my fault. I sent so many messages to them! How can this be my fault?

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Nobel Tekeste 3 years ago


I would like to give you some suggestions

As far as I am aware, Booking.com does not charge or collect payments from Guests. The Hotel or the institution is the one that collects payments from guests either directly from guests on check-in or from the credit card details provided by booking.com. So if you are able to charge this card you are all set, however, if you are unable to charge it due to different circumstance like the credit card is invalid or does not have sufficient balance or you are totally unable to view the credit card details like your case, then you have to let Guest know that their card is not charged thus they have to pay at Hotel or property. That is how we are managing here. Hope this helps solve your issue.