November 2020: Known Bugs with Partner Hub Forum


  1. Forum does not have breadcrumbs, page navigation under each of the sections : Featured, Unanswered, Trending etc

    This is an issue due to the limited number of past topics posted so you cannot go backwards to see or find a previous topic. Especially when you did not actually reply to it , so you never get a email when there are  additional replies. 


    Examples of stuck postings that are old, obsolete and should just be purged


  1. Under Partner Profile:
    1. The My posts, My comments , as you go to next pages and then click My Comments inconsistently, reverts to My Posts only, and when you click My comments, will not switch.

      The workaround is to right click each page nav on bottom of first page while viewing My Posts, and open each one in a new Tab. then click on My Comments to view.
  2. Dead Accounts and Stuck Posts.

    A long time issue with some posts is they show as 0 Replies 0 Views.
    No matter how many reply or view, they remain. 
    Just delete them and be done with it.
  3. Non Partners / Guests are able to register on here.
    There needs to be a gateway page and/or signup requirement to input your Partner ID, to prevent Guests registering on here.

  4. Inappropriate Partner Profile Names

    Some are just lazy, some are paranoid, some are email addresses.
    Default the profile name to be either the registered owner name or  shortname for the property, or <shortname property> - <role>.

    examples of bad profile names : 34534534534; info ; anonymous; office ; reception; infohotelgmailcom, etc



Anyone else got other bugs found , add them on here too


** Note this is not for Extranet nor pulse app, for those open a new Topic .


Sergei - Commu…
3 years ago

Hey BrookAve! Thank you for your feedback. Indeed there is a big room for improvement here.