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One Hotel two Hotel IDs

Is it possible to register the hotel two times. One time for Short Stays and One time for Long Stays?

Meaning that under one Hotel ID I load my available gaps between long stays (e.g. MLOS 1 night) and under another Hotel ID I load availability for long stay bookings (e.g. MLOS 15 nights).

So when guests are looking for a room for 15 nights or longer only my Hotel ID for the long stays will show up. :) 

Or simply one Hotel ID and I have different Room IDs? So all reviews etc stay on one Hotel ID.

What you think? would agree to it?

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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hi there Roman,

My suggestion would not include adding the property twice, I also think that's quite impossible.

You can add another Payment Policy though. When you go to Calendar, you normally see one drop down list for the payment policy you chose. You can then modify that policy using the Restriction tools that the calendar has to offer to tailor it to your needs. So add two of the same payment policies and just use the calendar to make them different from one another.

Does that make sense?