I really need help now. An agent had placed a guest inside the property, and later tonight someone was trying to ask me to check-in from booking.com. I didn't get notifications from pulse that I have a booking. So now I am overbooked. Can the guest get a full refund? Because if she won't get a refund she demands that I pay her tomorrow. And the credit card payment will take at least a mont to get to my bank account. If anyone knows what to do I would really appreciate it.

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Thuild - Your … 5 years ago

You seriously needs to get a Channel Manager and connect all sales channels to it.

Now, you will need to talk to BDC about this first. If they paid to BDC, then BDC has to refund it, however you will also be invoiced for that amount, therefore you lose a lot of money.

Overbooking is widely discouraged because of such situations.

If the guest has paid you directly, then you will need to refund it.

DO NOT refund the guest if they paid somewhere else because you might end up paying double. They can take your money and then file a refund complaint with BDC and then you will end up paying BDC again the reservation cost, losing even more money.

Cheers and if you need help to avoid these, just contact me through the website: www.thuild.com

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