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Parking (reseration needed)

Hi guys,

maybe you have an idea how to solve it. We have e.g. a property with 100 apartments, but only 10 parking spots in our underground garage available for guests. On B.Com we have left the information that Parking is availalble (reservation needed).

From my understanding that means that we cant promise a parking spot for all guests and they should either check before booking or take the risk that after booking they wont get a parking spot.

We had recently 2 complaints (non refundable bookings) that the guests didnt received a parking spot as simply all were reserved already long time ago. We kept the money as this were non refundable bookings.

Now we are thinking to delete the inforamtion of parking to avoid future trouble. 

Any thoughts about it?



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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hi Roman,

Thanks for the question!

My personal opinion is that you should under no circumstances remove it. It is what it is, you have limited parking and you are being considerate letting them know that they need to reserve a parking spot... or even letting them know that there is no parking so they can make other plans. If you leave it out, guests will 1.Pitch up with cars making their parking your problem and 2. probably throw scenes and lastly..3. leave horrible reviews saying that you did not inform them (and they would be right).

On a side note, where do the other people park? You have 100 apartments but 10 parking spots, that's parking for only 10% of your guests if you are fully booked. I think you've discovered an area of your business that needs attention.

Keep well!

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Roman Sytnyk 5 years ago

Thank you Leandri. Well definately parking spots are some area where we can improve.

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Angela @Promhills 5 years ago

I think you should state that parking is NOT available. With parking possible for only 10% of your rooms, I would not consider this a feature of your property. Save your 10 parking spots for direct bookers or people who call and request parking. Where do you expect the other 90 apartment occupants to park? Is there plenty of street parking? If so, perhaps change your description to say street parking is available, people then realise that they need to search for a street spot and wont expect a reserved space.

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Laura, Communi… 5 years ago

Hi Roman,

Thanks for your post! How did you solve this parking puzzle?

- Laura