Partner Deal SCAM

Watch out for Partner Deal when booking.com sources a price from ....? and shows on your hotel page and forces it as Partner Deal. They do NOT honor the rates uploaded by the hotel and insist on selling at sometimes half the price. When you message them to stop this practice, they claim to "escalate to the concerning parties" and this escalation never ever ends! How ethical is that?

And of course it hurts the direct bookings of the hotel and creates a mess with rate parity with other OTAs.

Boutique Chiado 1 year ago

I agree with you. I'm also very disappointed with this. For me it's clearly price dumping which is ilegal.

I'm looking with my legal team how I can address this but it's going to be a real hassle. 

If other people want to join us please contact me. It will be easier with many people. 

Town Inn Suites 10 months ago

Are you still working on this? If so, I'd like to join.