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Partner Support and Service

Is it just me or is anyone else frustrated by the way support is handled via the extranet?

  1. Broken conversation threads, so its difficult to trace where a conversation began and where it ends.
  2. Canned messages, repeatedly delaying simple answers to misunderstood issues. ( you'll get a response in 2 days, then 6 days, then 2 days again!!)
  3. Being passed around multiple agents and spun around in circles without conclusion
  4. Unable to reach real humans with compassion to understand and then resolve any matter
  5. Senior partner support management unreachable
  6. Passing the buck when responsibility is clearly on their side.
  7. Making us feel like we might be village idiots that don't understand hospitality in the school of
  8. Unable to have a mature and professional chat to quickly and simply clear up any matters.

Yes you can all see I am extremely frustrated at the spin I've been given on the past 2-3 matters i tried to quickly resolve with the 'help' desk. I've been in the industry for over 15 years and would like to think that I'm pretty well experienced in my game by now. I get the feeling that senior management and the troops are disconnected from each other if this is the way hospitality serves it own partners!

BrookAve 3 years ago


Tagging  Communities Team   for them to send this feedback up the chain.


Also you should edit and include where you are, as we are all in different countries/regions with different support teams.


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Imran Latif 3 years ago

Thanks, I've updated my profile here now.

Sergei - Commu…
3 years ago

Hello Ruzwan Latif! Welcome to the Partner Community, and thanks for sharing your feedback. Depending on what help you are looking for and what exactly problems you are trying to solve, our Community can become the right place to get useful advice. We have many experienced and active partners here who help other fellow partners every day. You can either look for a similar problem using the "search" function or start a new conversation in the Community. 

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Imran Latif 3 years ago

Thanks for the welcome. I hope I can make a positive contribution in the future, despite my negative start!! Just needed to try and get through to someone with a little more authority that cares about partner relationships and success.

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Imran Latif 3 years ago

Does it have to go from BAD to even WORSE?

A 3 night weekend booking has been accepted on BCOM at the new MONTHLY RATE (28 night minimum) provision set up in the EXTRANET.

Now I don't like to be fooled but I'm being told by partner support in Lithuania that its my fault due to the XML from our PMS that the monthly rate we set up only on the extranet was overwritten!! But it is not controlled in the XML, it was set up and controlled directly in the extranet, AS A RATE PLAN based on the std rate (which is derived from the XML) AND subject to a 28 NIGHT MINIMUM STAY.

Trying to debate a resolution is pointless as its your way or the highway, the guy I was calmly debating this with decided to just put the phone down as i would not just say yes 'yes of course you are right sir'
Despite the cash revenue loss, which luckily in my position we can afford to accommodate, there needs to be pinpoint of the technical issue that caused this and then just putting your hands up to say sorry.

@AlessandroPacilio - I would really appreciate your help get some common sense to prevail here!
@GlennFogel - I watch, listen and agree to your many conference speeches about building an end to end seamless and frictionless journey for guests. That's what we work to do everyday, but the same does not seem to enimate from the partner support team to us!

If anyone at BCOM is serious about partner support, my property ID is ***, lets have a respectable conversation.

Are there any other partners here that have been disrespected at this difficult time for all? Would love to here anyone's thoughts and comments if you have experienced similar and how it was finally resolved?

I am a UK based operator.



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Imran Latif 3 years ago


The non-refundable booking above has now been cancelled with NO communication at all from BCOM. The balance shows zero so I'm assuming it was not done by the guest.
Is that a silent acceptance of blame for the error. I wouldn't really know because communication is non-existent, lets wait, hope and see if anyone from senior management has the decency and respect to contact me direct next!