Partner Support is terrible!!!

We tried to solve an issue with overbooking with no success.

When a reservation comes in, the system automatically marks the room unavailable so that another reservation would not be able to come. So technically, overbooking should be impossible...

But for some reason, we have an overbooking now which seems to be an issue with the system.

We tried to reach the partner support, but:

  • Finding a contact number took us half an hour...
  • There's no Hungarian support...
  • They told us, thet in this case they will search for another accommodation for the guest, but if the other accommodation is more expensive, we have to pay for the difference...

Why we have to pay for something that was not our fault???

Why you are so hard to reach???

Why there is no Hungarian support????

As far as I know, there are a lot of accommodations in Hungary on Booking.com, so a Hungarian support team should be reasonable to have.

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Janita - Accou… 2 years ago


Thank you for reaching out. We will pass on your feedback regarding the language support. 

Customer service is the best team to help with the reservation. You can also send a message from your Inbox if you would like someone to look further into the overbooking issue. In the event you use a connectivity provider, I would also suggest reaching out to them. 

Thank you.