Hello. I have stated that my property accepts animals upon request and after accepting certain arrangement, as pets are not allowed in the house. there is a special room at the entrance and also a huge yard for the pet to play. There is a guest who appeared with a very big dog, without informing me so that at least I could collect items that easily break and fabrics that are sensitive. He took the dog in the house with him and will leave it there all day while he's out for bussiness. What should I do?


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M Adamopoulou 5 years ago

Hello! Mamoukarip and welcome to the forum.

Being pet friendly is difficult. I once had guests that brought seven (7) dogs.with them. They all slept in my property but guests were very responsible and dogs behaved very well so nothing bad happened. Hope this makes you feel better. Actually I think you cannot do much.

There are many threads here in forum about pet friendly so check them out to see what other partnerns do.

Good luck