I need to cancel a reservation from my department. Pets are accepted but do not specify the amount of them and it is a small one room apartment. for that reason could they come with many pets?

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jaybeegee 5 years ago

There is no setting in booking.com portal to limit the number of pets - you either accept pets or you do not!

Rambertpaint 5 years ago

Thank you very much for the response, but the people of my country (Argentina) tend to be a bit abusive (I include myself) and we always try to find the greatest possible advantage.
Today people often have a wide variety of "pets" from dogs, cats, birds, exotic animals, etc., I do not think it is fair that if they have more than 1 pet can not stay with them in the establishments, it would not be fair either. my apartment becomes a zoo. I could count around 160 items and many more that open with the pull-down menu in the configuration of the portal, with the most diverse options and in my personal opinion would be to make a review about it PETS, if you are already going to answer me: choose the option to consult (on request) but the reservation can be made the same.
PERSONAL OPINION: hundreds of items can be specified ... but they are forgetting the affections of passengers, our pets, with all due respect, Jorge Rambert.