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I have a property on registered for rental at booking.com, I changed my policies to accept children however when I do a booking.com search with 2 children included for a particular period my property doesn't come up to book, it excludes my property as if we still don't allow children in the property, can you please explain why that is?

Anybody understands this?


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Thuild - Your … 4 years ago

Dear Maria,

You need to see a few things that can influence this:

1. What is the child max age you've set up, are you searching for children above that age? if so, you will not get a result

2. What is the maximum occupancy of the room type? if the room cannot accommodate more people, the system will not show it

3. Do you have a Channel Manager? this could help you tremendously to set up such things as included occupancy and so on

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