Preferred Partner Programe - Design Flaw Observed.

Sergei - Community Manager  & Preferred Partner Program Manager


About November I came aware of something with the PPP in that reservations were less and dwindling as xmas quickly approached.


However it then occurred to me upon reviewing the PP status page, where you see:


  1. Performance Score
  2. Review Score


That there was no way I could met and keep the goal of 70% Performance with so few bookings.


It currently shows 20%.

Then on left pane :


You’re not currently meeting the eligibility criteria

Next eligibility assessment between: 5 January and 15 January

If you do not meet all the eligibility criteria by the start of this assessment period, your Preferred Partner status will be at risk.

Ensure you meet the minimum score for each category to avoid being removed from the Programme. If removed, you will not be able to rejoin for at least 180 days.


So to me and every other logical person there is no fair way to meet and keep the percentage of 70% in this scenario. i.e. out of the control of the host partner. 

180 days = 6 months, that is crazy too.


Please change this to slide based on the reservation count or simply make it more fair to those like myself with HomeStay which will not be able to attrack 70% or more 365 days a year, its just not right.


I did promotions also, I even did searches to see where I appeared on the results, so I know it was not because I did not appear or did not have availability. 


This requires action as I have no intention of waiting 6 months to rejoin, that's totally not ok.


Unless by some miracle I get a reservation bonanza in the next few days and the bookings drive it back u pto 70% or more. 


I spent the last two days tweaking pricing and duration etc.. ok did get 3 bookings very quickly but that was a fluke.


Kind Regards, happy new year




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pibomarco 3 years ago

I think it does make sense that there are some restrictions, minimum requirements to achieve a preffered status.


I had 500 reviews and was hardly eligable for the preffered programme because I sold many rooms also through other OTA's (Expedia, AirBnB,..) and direct bookings.