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Good day.  I would like to check on something please.  Booking.com has dropped my PQS in the last view months.  The challenge I have is that they shop on Expedia, Tripadvisor etc and then compare the rates displayed by Expedia.com and it's partner sites which we are all aware do not include taxes to the rates inclusive of taxes and/or fees.  This causes them to drop my PQS even though I distribute the same rates and the same inventory to all my online channels and otherwise.  Has anyone come across this and if you have, what steps did you take to correct it?  I mean, if you distribute the same rates and inventory to all OTA's, what else is there that one can do?  Booking.com is referring me to my channel manager but this is not where my challenge is.

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fluff 4 years ago

Oh yes!


I have pointed this out before, Trippy and Google searches are the worst offenders with all kinds of weird rates listed that don't level out until you reach the final booking stage, something the BDC search Bots don't do. Watch out also if you use Agoda, they play nasty tricks with your rates, without permission/request/notification. Plays hell with your parity and PQS.

The stock reply from BDC is that their Bots ARE smart enough to work out all the rates correctly from the initial listing. This is, of course, total hogwash as the competition change this equation regularly and Google/TrypeAdvisor searches remain a hot bed of false positives, or is that false negatives in this case ;-)