Problems with filter pagedrastic


All Apartment and hotel owners

There is a problem with the booking filter which allows people to select double beds,

when booking if people do not use the above filter,then the listing is shown as correct and available to

book, However if they then decide to select a property with double bed,It then changes the original public page and obliterates the listing completely,or moves to to pages further on.where it no shows it in red lettering across the listing that it no longer available for booking,please all check it out for yourself, M fairly sure this problem has bee going unchecked for many years,we need to get compensation for this,contact booking .com at once.        concerned owner





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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

any apartment and hotel owners come across this problem before?

Ask the help desk if you can speak to an experienced team member, and help you accordingly.

Doesn't sound good

Wishing you all the best solving this.


Aaltje B.