Hi I have had my property closed/ not bookable for a few days now and Im loosing reservations.

Is there anyone who know who I should speak to or what needs to be done please?

Some people have said I need to do a video call at the property, but I have set up 1 before without having to do that so I dont know what is going on. Booking.com isnt helping me at all or as I called but no one knows whats happening... 

Does anyone know how to get through the legal team? Is there a number or email for the legal department? I was given the email legal@booking.com over the phone but it doesn't exist, it bounced back


Thank you very much 


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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hi Prisesolutionsltda ,

Welcome to the forum!

In regards to losing bookings, that is bad yes. Sadly it does take quite a while for Booking.com to verify a property. I think your other property may have had a deeper digital footprint, which is why it was verified so fast. Booking.com only does that if the property has (I think it's 10) reviews on certain websites and the ratings must be good.

If you want to contact them for a video call, go to your inbox -> booking.com -> scroll down and there should be a dedicated account manager's number on the right hand side. He/She is responsible for your property and will be able to get that set up for you.

Sadly I don't know how to get a hold of their legal team, but I think you need to get a hold of your Account manager. The Legal team is the wrong people to contact to get a property verified.

Best of luck, let us know how it goes!

Kajidoveproperties 5 years ago

Please help. I thought all along that when I reactivated my account last December 2018 and fixed my calendar was enough only to find out today that is was closed/not bookable.

I hope that my excellent reviews will be taken into consideration for the Booking Team to take action and open/make available my unit for inquiries and bookings.

Kind regards,