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Pulse app lost its value


The 2019 fall the Pulse app started to be very annoying. This is one of our most important tools (in our way of doing rental business). We normally log in and can instantly see the bookings, changes or cancellations etc.

Now, we have a first screen filled up with spam from, then all the houses we have not yet opened and then after scrolling down we can see whats matter for us.

It is not possible to stop this spamming and it is not possible to remove the "reminders" of all the houses we haven’t opened yet. Why destroying such a good tool? Now we have stopped use it due to this.

This has been reported trough all possible channels with no luck. Anyone in here that has the power to make Pulse good as a tool again?

BrookAve 4 years ago



Devils advocate here, but actually sounds like the real issue is multiple pending property being left unfinished on purpose.


Just saying.


It like blaming the computer for telling you every month on patch Tuesday that there are missing patches that you keep clicking ' defer and remind me later' , instead of just getting on with it.


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Ps try via a browser and choose to close the other reminders indefinitely or snooze, then open pulse and see if any of them are gone.