Question about guests

Hello everyone, i wanna ask about something that happens usually. 

My house can welcome up to 7 guests, but I  have adjusted the number of them as 5. Sometimes they appear 6 or 7. What shall I do? How do you advice me to react?

Thanks in advance 

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pibomarco 3 years ago

We have no children policy under 12yr.  Sometimes guests still book a double room and show up with a child/baby, without any notice. I even send them an email after booking is made about our policies and house rules. Anyway If this happen I don't accept them.  My bookings are fully pre-paid (no-refundable).  I suggest to the guest, to cancel the booking, and if we receive another booking for those dates, we are willing to make a refund. If we don't receive a new booking, the payment is not refunded.  In your case I would do this: - create a message template schedule (When a guest makes a booking) in extranet and write your house rules about max occupancy. - If bookings aren't prepaid, I would at least charge additional fee for each person. (for example 25,00€ per person per day).