Rate Plan - Minimum Night Stay has 7 day limitation - Remove it Please


Hi BdC Dev / Engineering Team

It seems by design when you create or edit a Rate Plan and in the section for minimum number of nights...you are forced to a max of 7 nights...


So Dev what happens whern  a Host want to offer better nightly rate for longer period like I would and can do on your competitors OTA dashbaord.....


example rate plan layout

  • Nightly   - no min stay
  • 3-6       -  3 N min stay
  • 7-13     -  7 night min stay
  • 14-20     - 14 night min stay**
  • 21-28     -21 night min stay **


** Currently any attempt to set a minimum stay of 8 or more results in form reset and set as previous amount in my case 7. This is counter productive.

@Sergei  [hmm how does one tag another user  in a post ]


Please escaldate this up to the web dev/ engineering team to be submitted as a CRQ [Change Request] to have that limitation removed or instead set to 28 from 7.


Thank you kindly.

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Isle of Wight … 3 years ago

I'm sure the BDC developer will put this on the long list of bugs / defects / improvements to look at one day after school .....

3 years ago

Helllo Barry Reilly! Thanks for posting this, I will share it with my colleagues. 

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Thanks Sergei for informing us.

I would also want to  have this feature available so hope that BDC can make it possible...

Best wishes.

Sophie Cayeux 3 years ago

Do not know when was this post made but I just set rate plans for longer stays (normally 21 to 30 nights) and each time I save it it goes back to 7 nights minimum stay.

Would be good to solve that bug since promotions do not offer this possibility either.

BrookAve 3 years ago

Hi Sophie,


Its actually a design feature and not a bug. i.e. it is there intentionally by the developer team.


and bottom right corner of the post tells you when :)