Rates and availability help please


I am an owner of a small 4 bedroom villa. I want to manage it in the certain way but have no idea how to do it. I would appreciate any help about how to set up this in the extraNet. 

Info about the property: 

  • max of 8 people
  • 4 rooms - 1 room with double bed, 2 rooms with 2 single beds, 1 room with extendable couch
  • single access
  • pool
  • 1 kitchen
  • 1 common room

Because of the single access and 1 kitchen and common room it is very unlikely that more than 1 guest would be in the house at one time. However there is no need for a guest of 4 people to pay the price for a guest of 8 people. So I would like to be able to rent out per room - minimum booking of 2 rooms ( or 4 people ). If 2 rooms are booked for a period then the others become unavailable for this period automatically. The prices should be adjusted by the number of rooms rented - 50$ per room. 

How can I set this up :? 

Best regards

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Sharonpowney 5 years ago

I would email the help team at booking.com to see if this is possible.