Rates in calendar

When you set the rates in your calendar - does this include booking.com fees or is it the final advertised price?

Janine7890 4 years ago

Hi Anthony.

Yes to both. The rate a guest will pay is the amount you set on the calendar, so you will pay b.c commission from this amount.

So you set €100, guest sees this as your rate and pays €100, you pay b.c commission from this.

If your agreement is like mine and they collect the money for you:

€100 paid by guest to b.c. In the month after guest stays, I receive (€100 - commission) from b.c

(before payout they send an invoice for commission, they deduct it from the gross amount then pay me the balance, I don't take action on this invoice, it is a paper trail for accounting).

I hope that gives help and not additional confusion : )