Rejecting a guest booking before their stay



First time poster and a bit frustrated. With Covid hitting us hard we are trying to reduce as much damage and issue as possible due to limited staff and facilities. Hostels in Brisbane always work together and email each other if they have issues with guests they have asked to leave. This is where we have issues. We could have 'xx' being asked to leave a different property and then book our property on booking.com. When we see the same matches the email we recieved we want to cancel the booking and contact the guest where possible. Based on previous times the guest doesnt put in correct contact details in booking.com so its hard to contact them. 

I am trying to get the booking cancelled but booking.com does not allow this. Saying we have not filed a misconduct from a previous stay. We are basically being told the guest needs to stay at our property (which could cause damage) and then we can choose not to accommodate them.

To give another very recent example. I had a guest stay a few months ago, booked direct and eventually was asked to leave due to damage, late rent and cleanliless. I remembered the same, asked booking.com to cancel and they would not do it. They only recognise if a guest has stayed by booking through booking.com. 

The major problem and question I have is NO one will pass me to a supervisor. Apparently its up to the staff to decide if it needs to be escalated. I cannot even find a head office email and our market manager's phone gets diverted to the call centre?


Any suggestions? I have tried extranet, phone and email.

Thank you in advance.