Removing negative Comments

Can you pls remove the negative Comments and also put a Feature inside where you can to publish a Comment. A direct Publish of the Comment without Agree of the Hotel Owner is against the Law. regards Adrija Arthur

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago


Since this is only a Partner Community you have to resend your message request through your Extranet inbox directly to BDC.


BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Adrijan Trifunovic


  1. Guest Review Negative Comments. Unless they break the posting rules set by BdC , BdC will never remove them. This has been covered many times in the 3 big long topics about the Guest Review system changes from earlier in the year. Which are still pinned or featured on this forum.  
  2. Publish A Comment - Pending Partner Review. Nope it is not against any law. Not liking a comment , requires instead thick  skin, take a breath and reply diplomatically and ask for them to provide examples or proof as you believe they misunderstood or have a misconception.  Be clever about it.  BdC also reccommended this is how you handle it too.



Kind Regards.