Rent a house in Croatia - way my account in Slovenia is not accepted

I am the owner of my house in Croatia, which is placed for renting over Booking.

I want to update my bank account which I have only in Slovenia to receive money from first customer and this is not possible from Booking side. They told me I have to own bank account in Croatia!

This is full stop, no discussion.

They replay me the same way with absolute the same answer.

I would like to understand this. Can anyone explain please? This is working with other agencies, but NOT with Booking.


PS: I copy paste my question and answers below:

My question

Dear Finance Support,

I am replaying on your explanation:
1. I am not Hotel Partner, but only private owner of the house in Croatia, where I received all required documents to do my renting and afterwards paying taxes in Croatia and at the end also in Slovenia.
2. Please show me the legal obligation that account has to be opened in the same country as the property has place? Additionally Croatia and Slovenia are both only a part of one legal country - Europe.
3. When all local legal obligations are fulfilled I do not see the proof of your last explanation, so reassess it again please.
4. You will loose customer (me) and money by not accepting my appeal.



Answer the same twice:

Dear Hotel Partner,
Thank you for the contacting us.
As the legal country on the invoicing details (Croatia), bank account country, and the property itself need to be in one/same country, you would not be able to enter Slovenian bank account details. You can only update a Croatian Bank account in your Extranet.
Thank you for understanding.
If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us or visit our help center at: partnerhelp.booking.com.
Best regards,
Credit control team