Reopen Disconnected Property

Our property was disconnected now for more than 10 days. I have sent several messages through the extranet. But till now I did not receive any feed back from them. Even I called the support team. According to them, it's a different department we have to hait till they open our page.

So how can i contact that departmnet or how to reopen my page.





BrookAve 4 years ago

Hi Doha Dynasty Hotel


Simply keep ringing them , messaging is pointless considering the urgency.


What you have not said is this a new property, the topic suggests you lost access which i suspect is not the case.

Is disconnected really the right word for what you actually mean?


Kind regards, happy new year



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Community Admin 4 years ago

Hi Doha Dynasty Hotel, thank you for posting.

If there is a specific department taking care of your listing, don't worry, they will reach you out at the appropriate time. Normally we don't have any direct email where you can refer to, but our Customer Service will indeed address your issue it to the right place! Best of luck and we wish you a great 2020!