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Hi Everyone,


Are you finding that Reply Score is really messed up?

I think that something not right how it calculated. 

I never missed any responds and reply within minutes or 1 hour latest. But my reply score is 89%.


I think that Extranet and Pulse not working together well on respond score regards.

Many times I respond on my cell phone using Pulse, and see red " unanswered message on Extranet". When I click on it to respond, it saying " Someone already responded". * ( Which was me on the Pulse, or on Extranet)

I think, that 2 sites not in the sync. What do you think? What is your score on responds?

I think it is important to fix because it does affect our performance.


Thank you, Marita

Best Guests to All



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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

You are right that something isn't right. I'm not sure what though.

I hate trying to reply from my phone - I hate phones - they're too fiddly. When I get a message, I always mark as No Reply Needed in Pulse. I then go backwards and forwards a couple of times to make sure the little red dot is gone. I then have time to finish what I'm doing and go to the extranet on my laptop when I'm ready.

Sometimes, guests ask me to book a car ferry ticket for them, so I need to check prices and send them a reply with pricing and payment info. It could be more than 1 hour before I can check pricing and send the info, but because I have marked as "No Reply Needed", there's no rush.

So in theory, my reply score should be 100% on every property. It isn't. I've only checked 3 properties and this is what I see:

Property 1) has a lot of bookings recently but doesn't have a reply score,

Property 2) has not had any bookings, has no messages in the inbox, has a reply score of 90%

Property 3) had a lot of bookings last year, no messages this year, but has a reply score of 100%

So yes, something is wrong, but will deny any problems or bugs, and they certainly won't fix anything!

4 years ago

Hello Marita! Thank you for posting in the Community. I'm not sure it should work like this, I will share this with the product team. 

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Marita 4 years ago

Hello Sergei,

Thank you for share my post with the product team. I did also sent this report through the Extranet some time ago, but could not see any replies. 

I really appreciate your help. 


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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Dear Marita, 

Sometimes there are bugs but my reply score is 100%.  Have in mind that I have templates for reservations, for directions, for arrival time etc.

If you have troubles...I think its better you report it through your Extranet inbox directly to I think BDC will support you the best way.

My experience is that has always given me best solutions,  our collaboration is excellent....

Having positive attitude helps....

Wish you well.


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Marita 4 years ago

Hi Marie,


I have use templates as well. I never miss any responds and reply within minutes or hours, I have many requests from China, Japan and other countries with the time difference of 9h. But when I wake up, I always reply first thing in the morning.  I would give myself 100% respond score but I see 89% and it doesn't feels right. 



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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Hi Marita,

I can feel your frustration.  It’s not nice when you do your best and it’s not recognized.

Hopefully, Product team can help clear this troubling issue.

Wish you all the best.