Requesting additonal options on Facilities versus Room Amenities


So today it occurred to me that the room amenities , some are only listing under this section but not on the Facilities Listing options.

  • Example you can indicate if there is a kettle under Room Amenities but you cannot in Facilities such as Kitchen has kettle and not room.
  • I for one do not want to increase risk by having kettles in a bed room for a HomeStay private bedroom.
  • So for this to work I would need to set Room Amenities  - Kettle to No and Facilities - Kitchen > Kettle to Yes.
  • Its a small simple change , and can be implemented very simply and quickly by the Devs.
  • There is probably other similar items that can be stored in kitchen that are not in bedroom that this could be applied to also.

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Isle of Wight … 3 years ago

I'd like to see the whole of the facilities / amenities settings simplified .... far too many obscure options there ....

3 years ago

Hello Barry Reilly! Thank you for sharing your ideas!