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Reservation Overlapping

nobody will answer or ask me to send me a question. I've been trying to post a question for two hours, saying:
on September 11, 2018, in our guesthouse, in the apartment no.3 made a reservation no. *** p. *** *** from 21.4.-27.4.2019.
And on February 22, 2019, apartment no.3 from 26.4.-28.4.2019 reserved Mrs. *** č.rezerv. **. So one night overlaps for two clients. How is it possible? How did the system allow it? And how do I deal with this situation if I didn't cause it?
I note that I sent this question about 14 days ago and nobody answered me.
Thank you, Bohunská.

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Hi! Blankabohunska I was wondering were both reservations made through First try to contact guests and convince them that the double booking was not caused by you and ask them very polite to change dates. Also I would suggest you to try again to inform BDC.
You can reach out to them via your Extranet inbox tab and send your request or call your local BDC office.
Wish you luck....