Revenge ratings

An extremely dirty client went mad when I reported to booking about the mess his family left and I prohibited them to come back next year, which was their intention. He went and lowered the rating he left before,saying the house was dirty before. What's the point of reporting anything an warning future owners if the guest can revenge, blackmail and change his first ratings? I have photos to prove how the house looked like before and after they came, photoshuts of his before and after ratings... They don't have any proof to argument, but their gossip and manipulation has the last word?! Does booking do anything to protect the owners? As far as I see the guest could say I slapped him, violated him and took a naked photo of his toddler without any proof! What is this, an inquisition witch hunt?! How do you protect yourself from manipulative, vengeful liers? 

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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

Booking.com does nothing to protect the owners. They don't even like us to take damage deposits by bank transfer because, in their words, they don't trust us (like we are criminals).


Booking.com allows all reviews, fair or unfair. Even if they are racist, Booking.com will allow them. Our responses may or may not be allowed, and if allowed, may be edited.


The best thing you can do to protect yourself from bad guests and bad reviews is to provide good service to all guests. You will get a lot of good reviews. One bad review will stand out and people will see that the review is unfair and "not normal".

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pibomarco 4 years ago

You always have the last saying which is an "advantage". Reply to their review with your own story (true or untrue) be calm and respectful.
Take into consideration, that many hosts can lie too. Everyone is defending themselves, that's why it's so dificult to prove the truth.