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Review system


I have the same issue with few guests, when I am pretty sure that guest supposed to be happy, and still I got one score of 7.5

 Somehow when guest is trying scroll line bar to the 10 out of 10, it stock on 7.5 . I contacted few guests who did that and they swear they selected 10, but it showing 7.5.

  Does anyone having the same issue?

Happy New Year to everyone! May new year bring the best guests to you and many of them,  to fill up all rooms you wish to! Wish you ALL 10 out of 10 scoring! :) 


BrookAve 3 years ago

Hi Marita


First I'm hearing of it, and never seen that one mentioned on the giant thread that is already started on here.

I saw this on an older post of what the guest sees.

It makes me wonder how on earth they can fek up such a simple task accidentally...

I call bull, as theres just no way they can cock it up.  To me its most definitely intentional.