Review system is broken

The review system on booking.com is broken- how is that shabby private apartments and rooms in peoples houses which are not particularly good get a better review score than a 5 star hotel with lots of facilites 

Reviews are often based on the awkwardness of not giving the host who you have met a bad score as they would know exactly who gave them the review,  where as a larger hotel which is often a similar price but have much better facilities but more volume of traffic gets more honest reviews.

I don't think BDC should list private single apartments in peoples houses at the top of their site competing on price when it is not a business, shouldn't proper hotels and businesses get priority or higher list rankings than private houses- if not only that they give more volume.

How about a more honest or better review system.



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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Hey Info,

There are a Lot of posts on the forum regarding the review system. Take a read through some of them, people have varying opinions and takes on this and I think you will enjoy it.

The general consensus is that we all need to send this feedback to booking.com in order for them to know that they need to look into it.

When you are logged into the extranet, scroll all the way down, there is a Send Feedback button. Send your thoughts there. Be specific though, as the feedback does get categorized.

Best of luck!