Reviews from anonymous accounts

Booking has recently released a statement that they no longer accept anonymous reviews, which of course is a good thing. Nonetheless, a very recent guest was able to leave one, which is quite disappointing. Either your policy includes all partners or it's useless. Ok, so we complained with their help center via telephone call and they said they are unable to remove it, that we should contact Booking direct. I was puzzled. Which kind of customer assistance is this?? Which kind of policy is this? You reckon anonymous reviews are not transparent and damaging to say the least and you boast about that on the your website, but when we ask to have one removed you say you don't deal with this? Sorry, this is ill managed. We can't accept that. We'd like to have the same treatment as everybody else. If you employ a new policy you should enforce it to everyone reviewing your facilities. Very upset about this all.