rising COVID-19 rates in countries

Hello Fellow Partners and Booking .com

At the moment some countries are experiencing large 2nd wave outbreaks.

We are not allowed to cancel bookings from these countries.

Me and my staff would prefer not to contract the virus and stay open to countries with low rates of the virus

At the moment Booking.com does not permit us to cancel bookings from these countries, and we have to re-locate guests at another property, at our expense.

In my opinion this is UNFAIR and UNSAFE practice and we are only passing on a dangerous problem, at a cost to Partners, the people in the hospitality front line, most exposed.

The only other alternative according to them is to "close", but why not stay open to the safer countries especially our own domestic market.

We all need to email our concerns to Booking.com, and hold responsible for not keeping Partners and their pesonnel lives and livelyhoods safe.

I do not think they realise the media bombshell they are creating if this creates break outs in the Partner Accommodations.


BrookAve 3 years ago


Go ahead and cancel them


open each one send message :


Due To COVID19 pandemic at this time we cannot accommodate you. If you have prepaid, this will be refunded once you acknowledge the new notification from the Booking System to cancel.


Once you send that, step two immediately click on Request to Cancel and choose option 2.

THis does two things one it starts the cancel process and once the Guiest clicks confirm in the email notification If they prepaid to BdC, then the full refund process will start, and will take several days to make its way back to their payment method.


Its literally that simple.

The cavet is that if they do not ever see the emails (yours and the system cancel request, then at that point you may need to contact BdC support.

But that usually does not happen.


Kind Regards



Mont Blanc Spa… 3 years ago



I asked if I could cancel and this is the message I received :

" Dear Mont Blanc Spa Chalet, 

We've been informed that you cannot accommodate the guest ***, reservation ***, on 2020-08-14.

Please let us know:
• The reason for the relocation
• How many reservations were affected
• If you can provide alternative accommodation for the guest

If you can help with the relocation, please take care of the new reservation and eventual costs. In this case, please inform us:
• The name, address and phone number of the alternative accommodation
• The new room type  
• If there are any fees the guest is expected to pay on arrival

Alternative accommodations for relocation should be in the same area and have equal or better standards.

If we don't have a response with an alternative accommodation within 24_hours, Booking.com will find a similar alternative for the guest. Any additional costs resulting from this relocation may be invoiced to your property.

If you have any other questions, we are here for you.
Booking.com Customer Service Team"