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Risk free reservations,,,, I believe booking. Com system is errored,,, iv been conversing by email and telephone for 8 days, and this still isn't sorted out,, they say they understand my frustration,, but need the relevant team too sort it out...    Basically,, I have,, reservations booked by 3 guests,, all 2 night bookings,, over an 8 day period over Christmas,, each night s sold for between £150 to £180 for up too six guests in my 2 bedroomed victorian sea side house..., but booking. Com s system,, don't seam too register, when a guest books, and cancels, and then another guests books an over lapping day and then also cancels,,,,, it says covered by risk free, booking,, refer to original booking,, b then when you refer to the original booking, it says, you must keep the dates open,, ( basically,, saying iv closed availability, when I haven't,,, booking. Com agree I haven't closed the dates,, a agree this is very frustrating, that they are meny too be risk free bookings,, but they, can not, verify I will be paid.... Shame on you booking. Com. The money is far more risk free when I deal with payments insted of letting you hold the money... Normally on my other properties, I have a strict cancellation policy, and I know I'm guaranteed to keep, at least 60 % if not all funds paid too me.. 

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Community Admin 4 years ago

Hi The Boat Yard! Thank you for posting in the Community!

While working with Risk-free reservations it is important to know the rules and the conditions of this program as then it will be easier for you to predict the outcome and adjust your restrictions and availability accordingly.


Here is the article that covers the most important information about Risk-free reservations and also you can go through FAQ below the article:



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The Boat Yard 4 years ago

Thank you for your comments,, but I think perhaps it would be a good idea, if you speak, with, *** at your booking. Com support office... He will verify after 9 days and 18 emails,,,, its still not realy sorted,,,, but after putting up this on the owners, forum,, iv had a slightly better response than befor.. I will up date you all in ten days, and let you know if, risk free realy was risk free,,, and if your system, managed to recognise, that dates weren't closed my me,, and I hope your system recognises when there's more than one cancelled booking over lapping on the risk free reservations... *** from your department will verify.. These are issue s your end,, and not down too the fact I don't understand the small print, thanks Janice