Roger Waddell

To all affected by the Covid-19/coronavirus crisis:

There is no indication in any correspondence from Booking.com that they will be providing compensation to hosts. AirBnB is providing compensation. This Covid-19 crisis is unprecedented and Booking.com needs to show compassion and care for their partners in the same way that they have unilaterally provided 100% refunds to guests. Booking.com have prided themselves on their 'social responsibility.'

We have lost 100% of our bookings and the future is grim for us.

The financial hit needs to be spread between Booking.com, the host and the guest. When and how will Booking.com be providing compensation?

BrookAve 3 years ago


The simple answer is ,no. ,so far BdC will not be doing that.


Depending on where you are you may be able to apply for a government aid programme.



Kind regards


Riad SHIRAZ 3 years ago

 What do you think about that




Measures I wish to request from BOOKING.COM

1) That no total or partial reimbursement be granted on your own initiative,  2) To handle ourselves any cancellation request due to Coronavirus.  3) That for all trips cancelled from March 1st until the end of the health crisis  the Hosts be allowed to convert the amount paid into travel credit for a subsequent stay (order adopted by the French Government on 25/3/2020). Already The validity period of this credit note, not nominative, must be eighteen months, and refundable at the end of this period if it is not used.  The host will have to inform the customer of this credit note within 30 days from the date of cancellation of the trip. This implies a refund from you for all trips you have already refunded. 4) That for any reimbursement made imperative by necessity (death for example)        - each party is unquestionably involved in these financial losses to the extent of 50%,          - a total exemption from the BOOKING commission on the number of future stays equal to the number of stays reimbursed 5) To set up new cancellation conditions for any case of force majeure