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Dear Melkers,

Im responsavel for marketing a family hotel at Ilha Grande in south of Rio de Janeiro.  Since a while I have been noted that Booking together with who it may be their partner, is marketing some hotels in the their promotions at Ilha Grande and its always the sames hotels ?  This is both in Facebook as well in Instagram ! I have try many times a answer for  the criterio of choising this peculiar criterio of choice  without any answer?

We are more then 165 hotels,posadas at Ilha Grande and of course we want from Booking a fair competetion to be able to do our best. Their are always the same hotels posadas being  marketing. Now the question is what shall we do as a partner of  Booking to to selected  in this special  group? 

Look forward to a help to understand this promotions criterio. 

Tanks in använde!


Toninho Fagerlind

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Bandara Hotels… 5 years ago

Dear Fagerlind,

Please note that this forum is where all Booking.com partner share their experience and support each other. There are no market manager from Booking.com be able to access this forum only certain Booking.com Staff.

I suggest that you should send email to Melkers directly for better and faster respond.

Sorry that I could not help much with this case.