Scam on Booking.com by the customer

It is to inform the Booking.com that one fake customer booked my apartment with booking reference No. 2854473826 from 12th to 18th December. He talked to me from UK number +447438681583 and said that he lives in USA and reserved this apartment for his family members. Also he said that he will pay the amount via Bank. I gave him bank account number, he transferred Rs. 50600 and sent me a fake transaction slip.  I assumed that he has transferred amount but that was fake snapshot. Thereon he called me and said that his family is reaching on Lahore airport and then they will go at apartment via taxi. He requested me to transfer Rs. 10k to the taxi driver via Telenor Microfinance  Bank. I came into doubdt that payment is not transferred to me yet, but he is trying to take some money from me. First I trusted but I could not transfer money to him and refused to transfer. Then that person disappears and blocked my number. I want to bring into the notice of Booking.com Management that please inform your partners about such like incidents as well so that they can not be scammed. Thanks