the score of the review from the guest

 Reservation number 2910986578

As you can see the guest rate everything score 10 for us but the score overall is " 1.0 " only, we truly believe the guest might just click the score wrong by a mistake and we wonder can booking.com just confirm with the guest due to score 1.0 is actually very bad for our business tho, thank you. 

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Ailyn Fernande… 1 year ago

Hello Rose lodge  

As you mention, sometimes guests mistakenly click on the wrong score thinking 1.0 is 10. Please reach out through the extranet, on the inbox tab and under Booking Messages option. On your right, look up on the search bar for "Reviews" and click on Contact. It will ask for the reservation ID and explain the situation on the text box for them to review.

Hope this helps.