self check in is terrible

booking.com is by far the worst site to work with regarding self check in.   My guest continually phone me asking for the keysafe code - as its not sent to them clearly!!!   or the template that i HAVE to now send them goes into their junk folder - anyone else have this problem, have you continually complained to booking.com like me?????

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Angela @Promhills 5 years ago

Yes, we have a lot of problems with guests not reading or not receiving booking.com messages. If it's important I will also SMS to their mobile or WhatsApp them the message as well. Again, sometimes this is not read, but there's more chance of them seeing it if its sent through multiple communication methods

Millmike24 5 years ago

I agree the Check-in/check-out feature could be greatly improved on booking.com

Our property is also listed on another website - I make it clear that Check-in is any time after 4PM and check out is 10AM, yet I can NOT set this up on booking.com.

People are still confused and I get the question "can I check in late"? it's "self-check-in" ANYTIME after 4PM

When I try to set up the check-in, check-out feature - it allows for ONLY check-in between the following hours. No way to enter - "check in after 4PM" or "check out before 10AM"

The check in feature should allow you to choose a self Check-in time - "anytime-after a chose time" and the same with Check-out "anytime before 10am"

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JasmineCottage 4 years ago

We send the check in/check out times and the key safe code by email and ask the guests to confirm receipt. It's a bit of extra work but worth it to avoid hassle for both parties!