Separate Property ID's

Wanting information in regards to managing a group of properties, some with more than 1 option at the same address, I have one property that consists of a 4 bedroom house plus a 2 bedroom apartment and a 1 bedroom cottage all at the same address, initially these were set up under one property ID however I find guests were very confused as to which one they booked. I also have this property hooked up to Cloudbeds for channel management. I decided to seperate them with individual ID's however the channel manager want to charge me for 3 properties instead of 1. Any advise would be much appreciated.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Coastal Stays K

The old wise Irish saying - You cant have your cake and eat it too , comes to mind.

  1. They ARE 3 properties
  2. They have their own property ID
  3. They are therefore managed as 3 separate properties


It is correct that they treat it as 3 properties and as such charge you as such.


The only option if it exits is to contact other CM providers and see if they have a different model to support managing multiple properties under one account and works out cheaper..


I would have left it as one property ID, with unit/room assignment using both photos named; message templates setup for each one.

The first auto message should include the fact they booked one of 3 units.

Then manually pick and send the corresponding message template for that unit, which will describe how to get to the unit upon arrival etc.

Thats how I would do it.

Otherwise you do need to treat the mas 3 different properties under one BdC account.


Coastal Stays K 3 years ago

Cheers for your words of wisdom, yes I guess I already knew that this is the path I will have to go back to.